Saints and Pelicans owner Tom Benson released a statement Tuesday to defend his mental health against family members, and vow to win a lawsuit that holds the fate of both franchises in the balance. Tom Benson, the owner of the NFL's New Orleans Saints and the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans, released a statement Tuesday vouching for his mental capacity and restating his resolve to fight family members in a lawsuit over control of his assets -- including possession of both sports franchises. Once expected to relinquish control of the Saints and Pelicans to his granddaughter, Rita Benson Leblanc, upon his death, the 87-year-old Benson announced plans on Jan. 21 to transfer control of the franchises to his wife, Gayle, instead. Benson promptly cut LeBlanc, her brother Ryan and their mother Renee, Benson's adopted daughter, out of his will. The result of the lawsuit will determine the fate of potentially billions of dollars, as SB Nation's Ryan Van Bibber explained. In a statement, Benson said, "I have instructed my attorneys to spare no effort in defending my right and the decisions I have made."