The Suns are trying to win back fans by turning around the decline of a franchise amid a third consecutive non-playoff season and a record on pace to be the worst since the inaugural season. They had a chance to show who they envision becoming Friday night when the first sellout crowd since April 1, 2011, turned out at US Airways Center. The ones happy to return will be the throng of Boston Celtics fans who reveled in their team destroying the Suns 113-88 while the Suns defense rested as much as Celtics big man Kevin Garnett. Garnett was given a night off. It was excused. The Suns’ night off was unexcused, particularly because it was the much-emphasized areas of defense and effort that were severely lacking. “A situation like tonight burns at my very being,” Suns interim coach Lindsey Hunter said. “That is totally unacceptable, coaching-wise and player-wise. The way we performed tonight cannot happen. I know people say all the time that you cannot coach effort. I disagree because I am responsible. “I guarantee you we will change or we will be practicing until they kick us out of the gym because that puts a bad taste in my mouth. Disrespectful. … My father always told me always demand respect and while I am here, we are going to work until we learn how to demand respect, and I do not care how long it takes. I do not care how guys think we are going too hard or too long. Too bad. As long as I will be standing here reporting to you guys after games, they will be standing with me in that gym until we get it.”