Scott Boras the agent for Jacoby Ellsbury said today he expects the Red Sox center fielder to be back for the postseason likely earlier. According to Boras the biggest issue for Ellsbury is the swelling in his right foot and not the small fracture on the surface of the navicular bone. The swelling is affecting the movement of a tendon coming from the tibia. Once the swelling has gone down Ellsbury will be able to start swinging a bat and proceed from there. "The Red Sox' interests and our interests are the same in this we clearly want Jacoby to be back for the postseason and we're all on the same page to make sure he's available" Boras said. Boras described the navicular bone as having three layers. Ellsbury has what he said was a "very minute" fracture running east and west on the top surface of the bone. When Dustin Pedroia fractured the same bone in 2010 he had a fracture that ran north and south through all three layers of the bone. "No surgical intervention is needed. This is self-healing" Boras said. "But it got to the point where it was painful and I called [Red Sox general manager] Ben [Cherington] and said Jacoby should get an MRI." The pain grew during the long game against the Yankees on Thursday night and may have been aggravated when Ellsbury stole a base in the 10th inning and eventually scored the winning run. Boras like the Red Sox could not give an exact timetable for Ellsbury's return.