Carlos Boozer is averaging 24 points and 10.5 rebounds in his last two exhibitions and missed posting three straight double-doubles by one rebound. His perspective on the preseason is as spot-on as his production. "The biggest thing about this time is we're trying to figure out ways to win without D-Rose," Boozer said. Indeed, the Bulls' lone superstar, best player, bailout option, franchise savior — you name it — will miss the majority if not all of this season following knee surgery. Thus, it's up to Boozer, Richard Hamilton and Luol Deng to pick up the offensive slack. Of course, nobody can replace Rose. But offense by committee will have to be the best way to try. Boozer and Hamilton have been primary scoring options before, albeit in far less dynamic fashion than Rose. Hamilton averaged 17.6 points to lead four players in double figures when the Pistons won the 2004 NBA title. "In this league, in order to be a great team, you have to have production from all the guys," Hamilton said. "You can't just have one guy do the bulk of the scoring. Good teams key on that. Late in the playoffs, it's hard to win like that. We all have to be better. We all have to help each other without Derrick and bring more of a team thing to win games." Getting Boozer going is a start. Noticeably slimmer and lighter, he is running the floor well and the Bulls have been playing inside-out effectively the last two games.