We’re not always completely sold on Alfredo Pedullà, so take this with a grain of salt, but it sounds like midfielder Giacomo Bonaventura is ready for a move to Fiorentina. The former Atalanta star is out of a contract at AC Milan this summer (not that he sounds bitter) and has been one of Italy’s most sought-after free signings.

Despite reported interest from Lazio, Torino, Genoa, and Benevento, the 31-year-old has (again, according to Pedullà) picked Florence as his new home, completing a transfer rumor from 2013. We haven’t heard any report on his wage, but we’d guess it’s somewhere around the €2 million he made last year.

It feels like Jack’s been on the scene since forever, but he should have at least another couple of good years in him. He doesn’t have the sheer pace he boasted in his days with la Dea, but he’s still got quick feet and is excellent on the ball, both as a passer and a dribbler.