Only two MLB teams averaged fewer than one home run per game in 2019. The Minnesota Twins and New York Yankees each finished with over 300 for the year, and the league average was a robust 226. The final dinger total for the entire league was 6,776. That number shot up from a total of 5,585 in 2018. We all saw it. Pop flies became short homers, hard-hit lasers became mammoth blasts. Everything ball was a little bit easier to barrel.

Then came the 2019 postseason. Judging by the reactions and instincts of baseball's best, the balls were clearly not traveling as far, and rumors began to emerge of a new type of baseball being used. A "de-juiced" ball, to be specific.

A bombshell investigation from New York Daily News claims MLB did, in fact, introduce a different baseball for the postseason, even if they continue to tell the world otherwise.