For now, the Orioles’ catching search seems to be squarely focused on free-agent Welington Castillo, which shouldn’t be surprising. If they’re not going to wait out Matt Wieters, hoping his price comes down, Castillo is the best catcher available in an unremarkable free-agent catcher market. The Orioles were surprised when Castillo was nontendered by the Arizona Diamondbacks earlier this month. He was projected to make $5.9 million in his third arbitration-eligible year, a price deemed too steep by the Diamondbacks. Still, it was a confusing move, because Castillo has plenty of market value, even if not in an Arizona uniform. So the fact that the Diamondbacks didn’t tender him a deal and then attempt to trade him was peculiar. Castillo is the winner, not only because he became a free agent sooner, but also because he gets to choose his landing spot after playing for three organizations over the past two years.