A couple of weeks ago, in a nationally-televised game, broadcaster Hubie Brown noted not once, not twice but three times that Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut was going to have "major" surgery on his right elbow. Well, Bogut recently did have surgery but it was not "major." It was minor in nature as the Bucks talented center had some loose particles and scar tissue removed. The surgery was so minor that Bogut already is rehabbing and expects to be able to play again by next month. There was "major" news about Bogut's surgery and it was this: "When I was under anesthesia, the surgeon (Dr. James Andrews) said he had my arm going in all directions," Bogut said. "I had full mobility and that's a good sign." For the Bucks, that's a great sign. Bogut, who suffered a horrific right arm injury during a fall against the Phoenix Suns late in the 2009-2010 season and subsequently underwent surgery, didn't have full motion in the arm this season. Two of Bogut's teammates, Corey Maggette and Carlos Delfino, claim Bogut played at only 70 percent capacity this season. Delfino said the injury obviously took a toll on Bogut, not only physically but emotionally as well. "It was very tough on him," Delfino said. "Sometimes, you could tell how frustrated he was and how he was a little down about how he wasn't able to do the things he used to be able to do.