Some quick hits from Wrigley Field, where the rain has pretty much stopped but it’s still misty and cold. — Bochy’s main concern this weekend: Having a starter get going and then get delayed long enough that he can’t come back out. “We would be in a tough box,” he said. (I’ll pause as you all pantomime being in a box.) If you’re thinking about that Merkin-Timmy game a few years back, forget it. “I doubt I’ll try to do that again,” Bochy said. Looking back on that game, Bochy said the thing that stands out is how resilient Lincecum was and how little preparation he needed. “It really kind of showed what Timmy was about at his young age,” Bochy said. “He laughed about it.” — Bochy on Slugger Barry Zito: “We talk about how spring training is overrated …” Zito had just one spring at-bat. Bochy joked that only having one at-bat was a good thing because he wasn’t overexposed. You would think that opposing teams would figure out that Zito basically just tries to line pitches past the third baseman. “I’m not going to talk about how to defend my hitters,” Bochy said, smiling. — I asked Nick Noonan if he called his parents back in San Diego to let them know he was starting. “I didn’t want to wake anybody up,” he said. Pretty sure Mr. and Mrs. Noonan wouldn’t have been bothered by this wake-up call. Bochy was planning on giving Scutaro a day off today and said he’s looking forward to seeing what Noonan can do with a full day.