Charlotte Bobcats interested in Evan Turner and Brandon Bass The Charlotte Bobcats are looking to making it to the playoffs this season. Finally, after years of struggle and after being considered as one of the worst teams of the league, stuck in to the bottom positions of the Eastern Conference, the Cats saw the light, the light of the playoffs. At the moment, Charlotte lies at the eighth spot of the conference with a 23-30 record, but the team needs to make some correcting moves in order to solidify its ticket to the postseason. As recently reported, the Cats are eying Evan Turner and Brandon Bass. Charlotte will need to find a solid contributor to add up to Al Jefferson and Kemba Walker’s contributions. Of course, the arrival of Big Al has changed the course of the franchise. After all the changes the Bobcats performed during the offseason they seem as powerful as they have ever been in the last years. As the latest reports state, the Cats are in talks with the Philadelphia 76ers about forward Evan Turner. The 76ers are expected to trade away Turner, as they have already expressed that they don’t include him in their plans for the future. So all what’s left now for them is to find the right deal. The Bobcats are reportedly offering the expiring contract of Ben Gordon, worth $13.2 million and also a draft pick in exchange for Evan Turner. It’s still unclear if the 76ers will agree on such a deal, since the team is exploring some other offers for Evan Turner and it’s projected to pick the best one. Nonetheless, this trade scenario seems to fit both sides.