After a horrid first half, the Bobcats retaliated and sent the game went into overtime, where Kemba's heroics led them to a comeback win -- something we haven't seen the Bobcats have much success with. Kemba Walker hit a game-winning shot in overtime that beat the buzzer, and more importantly, the Raptors. It was as classic a game-winner as you can get. If you missed the game-winner, you can watch it here. Jefferson set an excellent screen used that slowed Valanciunas and Vasquez from recovering to Walker. Even so, that screen would only slow down someone a little but when you have the type of speed Walker has, you can create space in a hurry. When Walker grabs the pass from Josh McRoberts, he's facing away from the hoop. Most players would rush and take an off-balance shot. However, Walker is one of the best players in the NBA at stopping on a dime and going straight up. Walker was able to quickly turn around, see a sliver of space and get a balanced shot off. Shot goes in, Bobcats go home with a win. Nicely done. Walker had an incredible night, shooting 10-for-18 for 29 points. The Raptors had Greivis Vasquez guard him. Vasquez may be the worst defensive point guard in the NBA. Walker exploited the flat-footed Vasquez and was able to get by him and create good looks for himself all night.