Bobby Valentine is out of Boston but he proved on Monday that he’s still in firing range down Route 95 in Fairfield, Conn. Valentine spoke to Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald on Monday afternoon and spoke about his new life as athletic director at Sacred Heart University. He also made it clear he didn’t want to speak about his old life as manager of the Boston Red Sox. There have been some comments about Bobby V coming out of Fort Myers this spring, but the team’s former skipper didn’t care to offer any sort of rebuttal — or did he? “I don’t want to comment on stupid things that stupid people say,” he told Buckley. “I’m not going to comment on any of that.” Asked if he’s going to miss baseball in general, he replied, “I won’t miss some of the stuff I had to deal with last year, that’s for sure.” Valentine, who will officially start in July, was formally introduced to the media on Tuesday morning. Read more at: