Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis came into Bulls camp last month fighting for a starting forward spot. Tuesday, they were just fighting. And the results of that physical altercation wasn’t the typical NBA non-fight fight. According to multiple witnesses, Portis and Mirotic had a heated confrontation during practice, resulting in what seemed to be merely a shoving match. Portis, however, took it a step further throwing what was deemed a “sucker punch’’ to the face of Mirotic. Mirotic, 26, was taken to the hospital, and according to the Bulls, suffered a concussion as well as several broken bones in his face that will require surgery once the swelling goes down. They have ruled out Mirotic indefinitely, and promised that “a significant’’ punishment was coming Portis’ way. It was an unfortunate incident for both players for obviously very different reasons. Mirotic signed a two-year extension this offseason, added almost 30 pounds of muscle, and came into the season looking to prove doubters of his ability wrong.