The stalemate between Bulls forwards Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic continues. As of Sunday, there still had been no contact between them since Portis punched Mirotic in a fight during practice Oct. 17, sending him to the hospital with a concussion and two broken bones in his face. There was, however, progress. Coach Fred Hoiberg said Mirotic continued to ‘‘ramp up his activity’’ and was doing a better job of communicating with his other teammates. ‘‘Niko had a really good week of workouts,’’ Hoiberg said. ‘‘He’s continuing to ramp up his activity. He had good strength workouts and he’s increasing his workload on the floor, so we’re hoping to get him back with the team shortly.’’ When he was asked whether Mirotic was being more social with other players, Hoiberg said there had been improvement in that area, too. ‘‘Guys have been good,’’ Hoiberg said. ‘‘Niko’s been in the building with our team; guys have been in there with him. He’s still working on his own as he continues along the rehab process, but things have been going well from that standpoint.’’ Hoiberg said he still wasn’t sure about when Mirotic would be completely cleared to return to practice, but it sounded sooner than later.