Twisting hindsight is just so easy, practically everyone can use it to their advantage, and NHL scouts and team management is probably at the top of that list. No matter what transaction was made, or department choice, there will be fingers pointed at other people, or at themselves, to give blame or credit to for past transgressions.

Speaking of which: Bobby Clarke.

The Philadelphia Flyers legend appeared on “The Cam & Strick Podcast,” hosted by St. Louis Blues reporter Andy Strickland and longtime NHLer Cam Janssen; and proceeded to delve into details on Ron Hextall’s time as the GM of the Flyers.

“[Hextall] alienated everybody, right away,” Clarke said. “He shut his door, he locked the doors; he was the boss and nobody else was part of it. We end up getting the second pick in the draft, and we end up drafting Nolan Patrick. None of our scouts wanted Nolan Patrick. I don’t know where Patrick should have gone, after his performances in Brandon — he’s a pretty good player. But certainly, they wanted Makar. Of course he went next. Now he’s a superstar and Patrick hasn’t played. But Hextall made that choice himself, and there were other choices that were made at our drafts that we’re paying for. We have two or three first-round picks that are never going to play, and that’s why we’re struggling. Hextall made some huge mistakes.”