In an exclusive to E:60, longtime NBC host Bob Costas revealed why he wasn’t on the network’s Super Bowl LII coverage last year. It was pretty much what everyone assumed, that Costas’ comments about playing football having a connection to brain damage got him taken off the game.

A teaser from ESPN’s exclusive story was revealed Friday night. On it, Costas noted the details of those discussions, saying “I remember being told I can no longer host the Super Bowl” and being told “You’ve crossed the line.”

Since it wasn’t apparent in the video, one could speculate that it could have been due to Costas sometimes going political in his weekly commentary during Sunday Night Football. Instead, Mark Fainaru-Wada expanded that this focuses on Costas’ comments about head injuries and football.

With NBC hiring Mike Tirico, the obvious plan appeared to have Tirico slowly step in as NBC transitioned from Costas to Tirico as their host for their prominent sports events. In 2017, Tirico was named host for the Olympics starting in the 2018 PyeongChang Games. Because of that, Tirico was going to skip the Super Bowl that year so he could focus on the Olympics.