Tonight in Boston the puck was dropped by the former Boston Bruin and Hall of Famer Bobby Orr. Seeing Zdeno Chara next to Captain David Backes was a terrifying sight to see, I will never get over how fucking monstrous that man is. From there the size difference between the two captains wasn't the only thing that Boston had the advantage over the Blues. The Bruins had oodles and oodles of pressure all over the St. Louis Blues in the first period but for nigh teen minutes of play Jaroslav Halak was there. Tonight he earned the moniker of "Jedi Ninja Pimp" by making some pretty key saves to keep the Blues from falling behind. The stalemate wouldn’t last the full twenty minutes however. At 18:20 of the period Boston’s Gregory Campbell would get a lucky bounce off of the post and take the lead for the Bruins, 1-0. The goal would not be the only one on the scoreboard for long. #RoyWatch was increased to 13 as Derek Roy would tie it up at 18:51. Some how the feathered shot would sneak past Tukka Rask, as all of Boston hid their milk crates. The second round of twenty minutes would start off much like the first. Despite the tying goal Boston still held the momentum. The game grew in physicality as both teams fought to get a leg up on the other. Both goalies held strong for their respective team taking shot after shot, making simple saves appear to be highlight reel wonder-goalie like super saves. But the Blues would strike first this time. At 16:04 of the period Captain america and his famous tip would take the lead, 2-1.