The Phillies will expand the protective netting at Citizens Bank Park to cover both dugouts, a decision that follows a growing safety trend in Major League Baseball and satisfies the wishes of some players. "We think this is a reasonable step which will provide additional protection for fans," said Mike Stiles, the team's chief operating officer. "We believe that we can do this without obstructing the views of any of our fans." The netting over the dugouts will be eight feet high. The team disclosed the change in an email this week to season-ticket holders. Previously, the netting behind home plate ended at the closest end of the dugouts. Now it will reach the far end of both dugouts. Last August, after Phillies shortstop Freddy Galvis struck a young girl with a hard foul ball, he expressed his anger that there was no netting to protect her. Major League Baseball issued new guidelines prior to the 2016 season, guidelines that urged teams to expand the netting over both dugouts but did not expressly require them to do so.