Robby Fabbri knew it right away. Well, maybe he didn't know at the exact moment his left leg twisted like no leg ever should, but five minutes later, he found himself sitting on a table in the medical room at Scottrade Center staring into the concerned faces of the team doctors who were looking at his knee. That's when he knew his season was over. Done. Past tense. See ya next year. The team doctors initially tried to hide their concern. They said things like "let's just go to the hospital and get an MRI done and see what the results say" or "let's not jump to any conclusions just yet." But their faces didn't give him much hope or optimism. "Give it to me straight," Fabbri demanded rather stubbornly. "Don't beat around the bush. What's the difference if I find out now or in a couple hours after an MRI?" OK then. No beating around the bush. This was the moment the truth came - and sometimes the truth hurts worse than any twisted leg or awkward fall into the boards.