Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred didn't hesitate to weigh in on the very public debate between the Cubs and agent Scott Boras regarding the hot topic of the spring, which is whether young slugger Kris Bryant should make the team's Opening Day roster, and it's no surprise Manfred took the Cubs' side. “I don't think the Cubs' decision with respect to Kris Bryant is really any of Scott Boras' business,” Manfred said in answer to a question from Paul Sullivan of the Chicago Tribune. Manfred has gone from camp to camp spreading the good word about baseball, and occasionally opining on the subjects of the day. But that question apparently struck a nerve. Boras, who's been campaigning for Bryant to make the team with rather colorful suggestions about his amazing talent and also the team's history of losing, didn't let Manfred's comment go without comment, either, as you might imagine. “Since I work for the player under the mandate of the MLBPA (players union) … how insightful. The new commissioner's pre Marvin Miller state of mind,” Boras said in response to Manfred's comment. In any case, it doesn't sound like Boras will cease suggesting the Cubs need to promote Bryant, the scourge of spring, to show they are serious about winning now. Boras has been commenting about Bryant's readiness as Bryant continues to tear up the Cactus League, and he said in this space Thursday, regarding the Cubs, “They haven't won for 100 years, and they should start trying to win today. Cubs fans are paying the third highest ticket prices. They are paying for the team to win today. They don't pay to see the club do business.”