After his two-game conditioning stint in Peoria, Brian Elliott has returned to the club and will back up Jaroslav Halak tonight. Elliott went 1-1 with the Rivermen, picking up a 2-0 shutout over Lake Erie on Saturday. "It was good to see the puck again and get the traffic, kind of read some bounces that you don't get to see in practice all the time," Elliott said. "It was good, knowing that you were going to be in net for both games, not worrying about what was going to happen and put too much pressure on yourself and just enjoy it out there." Elliott said it was "tough to hear" that the Blues wanted him to play in Peoria but in the end he believes that "it was a step in the right direction." "I just tried to make the best of my situation, work hard," he said. "I don't think anybody could say that I haven't tried my best and worked hard to get back. This is just another thing that I wanted to do and they wanted me to do to get back in there. Not feel too much pressure when you get those first shots. You don't want those first-shot jitters." The Blues sent Jake Allen back to Peoria and indicated that Halak and Elliott will be the team's tandem moving forward, even when rosters expand on Wednesday. "I haven't seen that (comment) first hand, but I've heard from different people that that has been said," Elliott said. "It definitely gives you confidence. But you want to prove that confidence. It's never given. Down to a man, we have to do that every night and me and Jaro are no different. I'm sure he's looking forward to the opportunity and I am too."