There has been some speculation about the Blue Jays being a surprise team in pursuit of free agent second baseman Robinson Cano. Unless he’s willing to settle for five years, you can forget about it, as the Blue Jays have no intentions of moving off their policy of contracts for six years or more. “We feel good about it,” Anthopoulos said of the policy. “That’s where our policy sits today, I don’t think I’d ever rule anything out under the right context and the right circumstances. If you’re prepared to pay someone five years at X, and a sixth year comes out at almost the same total dollars, sure, then you can explain that. But for the most part it’s the basic framework, and being averse to the incredibly long terms we’ve seen with some of the seven, eight year deals.” -Asked if the prices in free agency were too rich for the Blue Jays, Anthopoulos responded: “Affordability is not the question – it’s do we see the value. There are plenty of players you like, but you like them at a certain price. Some players, if they’re 10 years or whatever it might be, as great as a player as it might be, I’d say at that price you wouldn’t want to get involved with that player.” -The Blue Jays have a logjam in their bullpen and with several relievers out of options, the likelihood is some will be dealt before spring training. Anthopoulos described the level of interest in his relievers as, “strong. Normally you have one or two that people like, and it’s not to try and boast about it, but I think I’ve been asked about every single reliever, when I say we’re 10 deep, to varying degrees.” -Munenori Kawasaki is believed to have offers on the table from several Japanese teams. Anthopoulos said: “Right now he’s going to explore some other options, but we’re definitely hoping for him to come back.”