His flagrant anger probably doesn’t do him any favours, but Jose Bautista has good reason to be miffed with major-league umpires. Since 2010, the Blue Jays’ slugger has received nearly 20 more incorrect strike calls than the average player, according to data compiled exclusively for the Toronto Star. Every player in the majors deals with bad strike calls, but Bautista gets more than his share. So far this season (not including Monday’s game), Bautista has received 16 called strikes on 94 pitches outside the strike zone, 2.5 more than the average player, according to Baseball Info Solutions, a company that collects and analyzes data from every big-league game. The company’s staff of video scouts chart every pitch using an automated “perfect-world” strike zone analogous to the Pitch F/X system used in every major-league stadium. Just once this season has Bautista seen a pitch inside the zone incorrectly called a ball. Last season Bautista received 2.4 more incorrect strike calls than the average player, in 2011 he received 10 more, and in his breakout 2010, he received four more. Bautista has been criticized this year for how he reacts to perceived bad strike calls. His own frank explanations have only fanned the flames. “Sometimes I have trouble more than other players dealing with my production being affected by someone else’s mediocrity,” he told reporters earlier this month.