For all the doubtful off-season murmurs, the only early indications emanating from Josh Johnson’s right arm are positive vibes. Through all the early work, and now through his first spring outing, Johnson has looked just like the dominant, intimidating pitcher who not long ago was one of the best in the game. Following R.A. Dickey to the mound Monday against the Red Sox, Johnson pitched a pair of scoreless innings, allowed one hit and struck out a pair. The fastball that used to routinely hit 96-98 sat at a firm 93, plenty enough lightning for the first appearance of the spring. “I’ll take that for the first one,” said Johnson. “The arm is only going to get stronger from here, with all the throwing and the long toss we’re going to be doing. Hopefully it’ll just keep creeping up.” Johnson admitted to being a little too geeked up, what with pitching for the first time in a game with a new team. “You try not to, but I’m sure it’s there, no matter what you tell yourself. You’re going to want to impress the new guys who haven’t seen you pitch,” he said. “The problem ... is I always get the adrenaline going, probably a little too much. The second inning is always better for me, being able to calm down and relax after getting too amped up.”