Blue Jays starter Josh Johnson has cleared waivers sources tell Johnson one of the best pitchers in the game a few years back is now eligible to be traded to any other team -- though the likelihood of that isn't known as a couple factors could limit the chances for a trade. With the Jays seemingly out of the race a trade for Johnson -- who showed signs of getting his old form back in his last start -- would seem to make sense. However there were signs at least earlier the Jays were thinking of extending Johnson a qualifying offer which if declined would net them a coveted draft choice. Though it would still be a surprise if the Jays made a qualifying offer expected to be close to $14 million to a pitcher with an ERA over 6 but it is believed they've at least been weighing that possibility. Johnson makes $13.75 million this year coincidentally almost exactly what the qualifying offer is expected to be. A claiming team would have been on the hook for about $4 million through the rest of the year.