It was somewhat surprising that former Blue Jays and current Red Sox manager John Farrell even decided to make the trip to Florida Auto Exchange Stadium on Monday. After all, his Red Sox were playing a split squad at home and he didn’t have to take the three-hour bus ride. But he chose to and it became a first chance for Jays fans to express their displeasure at the method of his departure. When Farrell’s name was announced for the starting lineups, they booed. When he went out to exchange lineup cards with DeMarlo Hale, they heckled. But for the rest of the time, his presence was a non-issue. He won’t be able to count on that same creeping apathy at the Rogers Centre in April. In fact, it was only Brian Butterfield who emerged early from the Sox clubhouse down the left-field line during Jays batting practice. He wanted to see his former charges and hug the coaches and staff he left behind after his 11 years in Toronto. He made time for everyone with a smile on his face. It was only after the Jays had retreated to their clubhouse and his own players had started to warm up that Farrell turned the corner of the fence and strolled down to meet 21 assembled media members, half of them covering the Jays and looking for an explanation, a reaction . . . an apology?