Security at the Rogers Centre isn’t good enough for the New York Yankees, it seems, as a couple Blue Jays fans found out the hard way on Friday night. Security guards employed by the Yankees, who travelled with the team to Toronto this weekend, pointed out and requested the ejection of a pair of Jays fans who had heckled the Yankee bullpen, according to a ticket holder in the section, who says Toronto police and Rogers Centre security complied with the request from the Yankee muscle. · Lawrie helps Blue Jays avoid Yankee sweep “It was disturbing to see representatives of another organization be the on-point security for that situation,” said Justin Jackson, 30, who was sitting in row 3 of section 108 — just above the visiting bullpen — on Friday night. One of the Yankees’ security guards, Mark Kafalas, told the Star on Sunday afternoon that the fans were not only heckling, but throwing peanuts into the Yankees’ bullpen as well. He added that later in the game someone threw a full beer from the second deck.