It was Brett Lawrie night at Miller Park. Not officially, of course. No bobbleheads of the Toronto Blue Jays third baseman were handed out to an adoring crowd or anything like that. After being drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the first round of the 2008 draft, the 16th player selected, Lawrie, upon his signing to the organization predicted he'd be knocking on the big league's door within two years time. Lawrie was off the mark on that prediction but not by a whole lot as here he was, four years after being drafted, making his first big-league appearance in the house that he didn't build. Lawrie's rocky relationship with the Brewers organization and his frustration at his pace of promotion within it is an old scab to pick at. Prior to Monday's game against his alma mater, however, there stood Lawrie in front of the Jays dugout holding a pre-game scrum with the Brew Crew's media, doing his best to downgrade the moment.