About the only player happier to see Kyle Drabek back in the clubhouse than Drabek himself was Drew Hutchison. The two young pitchers were all but joined at the hip through the recovery and rehab process following their Tommy John surgeries after tearing their right elbow ligaments on consecutive days in June of 2012. Hutchison has been a member of the starting rotation this season. Drabek, on the other hand, has had a greater struggle at triple-A Buffalo. But now they are together again and Hutchison couldn't be happier. "I've kept in touch, talked to him here and there. Obviously we're friends," Hutchison said Saturday of their relationship. "I'm happy for him. I know what he's gone through and this being his second one, I don't know what that's like but you see the work that somebody puts in and you understand what it takes to come back so I'm definitely happy for him."