Paul Beeston and Alex Anthopoulos are nice guys. Ask around and you might not need both hands to count up the number of people in the industry who dislike both or either. Bringing back John Gibbons next season meanwhile would be the nice thing to do. Nobody could fairly blame Gibbons for all that has gone wrong; at the same time he’s hardly come in and re-set the table or established a new winning culture. Almost certainly he’ll have a worse record with the Jays this season than did the despised John Farrell last season and Farrell has less talent at his disposal and just as many problematic injuries. Still the nice thing would be to bring back Gibbons right? Except it’s time for Beeston and Anthopoulos to stop being nice guys and deliver a winning ballclub after this underachieving catastrophe of a season. Start being disliked around baseball if that’s what it takes. If they need an example to follow look at Jim Popp with the Montreal Alouettes. He realized he’d made a terrible hire with Dan Hawkins and ended the experiment quickly after five games. Gibbons was a weird hire for this team at this time and didn’t work out. There’s no crime in that. Who knows pigs may fly and he might make this a winning team next year. But this was his second shot. You can’t say the Jays haven’t been fair. Moreover Beeston and Anthopoulos can’t take the chance. Or they may be risking their own fates.