Prior to the 2013 season, if someone had suggested the Blue Jays would have four all-stars at Citi Field for Tuesday’s Midsummer Classic, the betting man’s list would likely have included Jose Reyes, R.A. Dickey, Josh Johnson and maybe even last year’s all-star MVP, Melky Cabrera. Unfortunately, not one of those players is here, but the good news is they will all be healthy and accounted for following the break with 68 games remaining. But is it too late for this team? That same betting man would say yes, but not the Jays’ all-stars. “I think we have the talent,” first time all-star Edwin Encarnacion said, with patient young son Edwin, Jr. perched on the arm of his chair on media day at the ballpark. “We have the talent — we just need to improve ourselves, every individual. So the pitchers, the starting pitchers is the most of what we need right now. I know it’s going to be different in the second half. The pitchers that we have — (Josh) Johnson, (Mark) Buehrle, (R.A.) Dickey and (Esmil) Rogers — are doing a great job, so we just need to focus. Like I said before, to put everything together so we can start winning games.”