The subject was Adam Lind — and John Gibbons, the Blue Jays manager, had just been asked if he was staying out of Lind’s head this spring when Lind, himself, wandered by. “Hey Adam,” said Gibbons, “Have I tried to give you any advice this camp?” “Ahhhhh, we’re going to take it easy on those bus rides to Kissimmee, remember?” said Lind, without missing a beat, expressing the players’ constant aversion to long Florida bus rides. Gibbons doubled over in laughter. “No, no. That was YOUR advice to me,” said the manager. Such is the light touch that seems to infect almost every aspect of this camp, in contrast to the tight control John Farrell used to have over every aspect. Both Lind and Gibbons know exactly what is at stake for the first baseman/DH and it doesn’t need to be revisited between the two men. Wednesday’s double gives Lind nine hits in 19 at-bats this spring for a .474 average. In limited exposure to lefthanded pitching, he has two hits in four at-bats. “He’s having a good spring,” said Gibbons. “Lindy can hit and he’s coming down here on a mission. He knows that to win that full-time job, he’s got to have a good camp and we’re going to have to like what we see. Otherwise, we’ll just end up going to a platoon.”