With the NHL’s 2017-18 regular season set to begin next week, Matt Duchene remains a member of the Colorado Avalanche. It’s not a lack of interest in the 26-year-old forward that’s precluding a trade from being consummated, it’s simply that general manager Joe Sakic has stood firm on meeting a certain threshold on any potential swap’s return. So where do things stand headed into the weekend? “My sense is it’s quiet right now, but I don’t know if that means they’re not talking or it’s just sort of like the lull before the storm,” indicated hockey Insider Elliotte Friedman during a Friday segment on Edmonton’s 630 CHED. “I still think there’s a hope on Matt Duchene’s part that he can get dealt before the season, and I think Colorado would be amenable to that. “Look, we all know where this story is going. Colorado is not making this deal unless they get what they want. And the question is going to be is someone going to step up and give them what they want. “I still think Columbus is very, very much in it. I think that they have made it very clear he’s a guy they want and I don’t think they’re far away. “I still think Nashville is circling. I think Calgary has been in and out, I think Anaheim has been in and out. Anaheim, especially now that Kesler is hurt and missing some time, I think they’re around and they’re a team that could make that deal.