It's almost like the Hockey Gods get it. I'm writing this article staring out my window as the sun melts the snow from my front lawn. It's almost like the universe knows it SHOULD be September when we have these conversations, and is throwing us a bone, if only for a day. Mike got us rolling yesterday with a review of one of the longest off-seasons we've ever seen, both in terms of the lockout and in terms of trading away our franchise player. Front office and coaching staff moves abounded, but it's time to focus in on the guys that will (or maybe won't) take the ice. So, let's take a look at each of the position groups, and consider who's probably coming to "camp" such as it is. Tomorrow, Matt will take us through the position battles. Forwards This group is going to look the most different from the big chunk of last season. Gone are Rick Nash, Antoine Vermette, Samuel Pahlsson, Jeff Carter, and Kristian Huselius. In are Brandon Dubinsky, Artim Anisimov, and Nick Foligno. At first glance, two things appear to have changed: the Jackets don't have any pure scorers, but they do have a lot of new depth down the middle. That last part might sound strange with the losses of Carter, Vermette, and Pahlsson, who formed roughly 75% of the expected centermen last season.