If the city of Detroit was morphed into a amusement park, it's quite clear that the Joe and the Wings would be the roller coaster of the Motown. There's no corner for this team to turn. The way the Red Wings play is something we're just going to have to deal with. They're far from a Stanley Cup contender. They're not going to all of the sudden start playing well and surge to the top of the Western Conference. What we see is what we get. Detroit is a team that's going to play well some nights and struggle mightily the next. Quite frankly, the Red Wings are just flat out an average team that is going to battle for the 8th seed and the right to lose in the first round. That quote comes from the Morning Skate on February 7. Seems pretty appropriate for almost a month later too. The Wings seem to play well at times and can't get the job done other nights. Detroit has won two games, lost two games, won three and now lost four. If there is anything we've learned about the 2013 version of this team is that they're consistently inconsistent. Based off the pattern of wins and losses, it would seem that the Wings would get back in the win column tonight. Playing the worst team in the NHL will help Detroit's chances, but beating the Columbus Blue Jackets is no guarantee for this team anymore (sad, isn't it?).