Tonight's magic number was three. As in three blown leads. The Panthers, despite having this game in hand with a two-goal lead more than halfway through the third period, managed to fall to the Washington Capitals 6-5 in overtime. A very brief overtime, I might add, as the Caps would score a brief 32 seconds into the extra frame to earn the two points. There just isn't much to say about this team right now that hasn't been said already. They came into this game with a league-worst minus 15 goal differential, and despite scoring five goals, walked away from this with a minus 16 differential. Want to guess what the problem is here? You can't hang this one completely on Scott Clemmensen, though he's part of the problem, as has been Jose Theodore. Florida's defensive woes are coming from both ends of the ice and they're absolutely breaking the back of a team that's just starting to find it's scoring touch. Many of Florida's top forwards are simply playing horrible defensively over a full 60 minutes and it's costing the team many hard-earned leads they've built in games. The coaching staff has to either find the solution to the problem or bag skate the repeat offenders until the word "backcheck" is something they repeat in their sleep.