Jake Olson, a blind long-snapper at USC, participated in the Trojans' pro day on Wednesday to raise funds and awareness for retinoblastoma, a rare cancer which claimed his eyesight when he was 12 years old.

The 6-foot-3, 225-pound Olson put up 17 reps at 225 pounds on the bench press, as family, teammates and coaches cheered him on.

"I love lifting, I love just getting out there in the weight room," Olson said. "It's the best way, in my opinion, to fund raise. Life kind of presented its opportunity to fund raise for something."

As of Wednesday morning, Olson has received $48,460 in pledges that will be donated to his charity, Out of Sight Faith, as well as to the Uplifting Athletes Organization. The donations will contribute to a clinical trial that has delivered promising results in the fight against retinoblastoma.