When most of Eric Bledsoe’s past has come in 20-minute off-the-bench blips questions remain. Even Suns coach Jeff Hornacek had them particularly about Bledsoe’s court vision and playmaking. From his arrival for voluntary workouts in Phoenix to the first Suns training camp scrimmage play Tuesday night Bledsoe has begun to convince Hornacek of his point guard skills. “I think he’s just playing the right way” Hornacek said. “That’s the biggest key. When he’s got the shot there he takes it. When he’s got the drive he had two great drives (Tuesday night) in the scrimmage. Then he’s making passes to guys. That’s what has impressed me most about him coming here. I wasn’t sure about the passing ability and what he saw as a point guard. And right away from the week right before we came up here in those pickup games you think ‘Yeah he sees the floor well.’ He’s made great passes.” Bledsoe’s supreme speed and athleticism fits how the Suns want to play at a fast tempo but he still will have to get used to the consistency of it as do many Suns players besides Dragic and the summer leaguers. “Obviously Eric has times where he can really explode and go” Hornacek said. “But in L.A. they didn’t do it all the time. He has it where he does it a few times and then he doesn’t. We just have to continue to work at it where these guys are continuing to do it all game.” Hornacek said the staff is even open to the idea of becoming a half-court team if that is what they see being best executed. But the early signs were good Tuesday night for the Suns to handle an uptempo style. In their first five-on-five scrimmage work Hornacek said players were not “huffing and puffing” even though they were ”running in mud” at times.