Let's say this right at the top. This was a great, great game. The evening was full of great individual performances, heroic plays, tragic mistakes, drama. It had more twists and turns than a Formula-1 race. Plus the score was close all night. It was everything you want in an NBA contest. Anyone who viewed it got their money's worth. It's too bad the Blazers had to lose it, but dang. If things went this way every night it almost wouldn't matter what the record was. Despite Denver being able to execute pretty much like they wanted the Blazers managed to stick with them. The Nuggets had 72 points in the paint tonight. No big surprise. They shot 52%, no big surprise against Portland either. Ty Lawson had 30 and Andre Iguodala 29. Lawson's points were a product of some nice dribble penetration and a reliable pull-up jumper against bad defense. Every shot Iguodala hit that wasn't an alley-oop or fast break (and there were plenty of those) looked like a feat of wizardry. The guy was just awesome in finding little cracks and getting the ball through them.