There’s no shortage of firepower in the Western Conference, and it’s no secret that the Portland Trail Blazers, despite having good talent on their roster, are still playing catch-up to half of the conference. The Blazers have been to the playoffs in each of the last four years, but couldn’t get past the second round in any of those seasons. In fact, when they reached the conference semifinals in 2016, it was pretty obvious that it was only due to their first round opponents, L.A. Clippers, getting depleted with injuries. With such shortcomings, the idea of splitting up the team’s premier players, Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum, is getting more and more attention. While both are reliable, high-scoring guards that can get points from anywhere on the floor, it’s never good to have a starting backcourt that’s made up of two 6-foot-3 players. The speed advantage can get you going, but ultimately, the inevitable mismatches will be too much. As you might have assumed, it’s McCollum that’s going to be shipped if the Blazers decide to shake things up. Lillard is the franchise, and the team management has been heavily invested in what he can bring to the table.