James Harden knows what this story means: Buckle up, Portland Trail Blazers fans, because Friday’s tilt against the San Antonio Spurs could get a bit dicey after some late-breaking injury news about Damian Lillard.

That’s right, despite initial reports that only Blazers center Zach Collins would be absent from tonight’s game in San Antonio, leader and superstar Damian Lillard will be sitting out for only the third time this season with an injury similar to that of James Harden of the Brooklyn Nets.

While presumably minor, both stars are most likely biding their time and making sure that they’re at full strength when the playoffs come around. They can definitely afford to as well, as Brooklyn is bucking for the first seed in the Eastern Conference, while the Blazers are firmly in the West’s playoff picture, and is even playing well enough to avoid this year’s play-in tournament between the conference’s 7th through 10th seeds.