Chris Bosh is used to it by now. He understands how quickly the public perception can change about his worth to the Miami Heat. One day, he is the team's most important player. The next, he is the weak link. It's been that way the past three seasons, so he is unfazed by shouldering most of the blame for the Heat's latest loss. Bosh has just 13 rebounds in four games against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference finals. The series is tied at 2 entering Thursday's Game 5 at AmericanAirlines Arena. Bosh had just seven points and three rebounds while being badly outplayed by Pacers center Roy Hibbert in the Game 4 loss. Naturally, the talk now is how the Heat need more from him, especially rebounding. "The only thing I care about is winning," Bosh said. "I don't care about outside talk. I don't care about anything but winning. … I'm not interested in it. That's how I've been pretty much since last season. Anything else that's trying to distract me from what my job is, I don't care about it." Bosh refused to use the sprained ankle he sustained in the second half as an excuse. He missed nearly 10 minutes before returning, although hobbled, in the fourth quarter. After two days of treatment, he said he is ready to go. "I'll be there," Bosh said. "Everybody's not 100 percent. I'm not looking for any sympathy." Hibbert has affected the Heat mostly with post-ups around the rim and offensive rebounds. The easy buckets have been the most frustrating about his impact.Heat coach Erik Spoelstra refused to single out Bosh, saying everyone needed to play better defense. "[Bosh] needs to have an impact like everyone else," Spoelstra said. "We didn't play a particularly good basketball game the other night … Everybody has to bring more." Yet it all comes down to Bosh. Defense is an even tougher challenge for the undersized Bosh, who gives up three inches and 40 pounds to Hibbert, because of how tight the referees have called the series. He's been in early foul trouble each of the past two games.