The Celtics and Clippers are still at odds as to who should get what involving a deal that will send both Kevin Garnett and Doc Rivers to L.A. The Celtics originally wanted both DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe, but have reportedly since backed off Bledsoe. Then, they wanted to dump one of their other longterm contracts on the Clippers in the deal, but it seems they've backed off that now too. But Yahoo! Sports reports that the latest asking price from Boston is DeAndre Jordan and two first round picks. The Clippers, though, only want to give up one first-round pick. The two teams will reportedly continue talks on Tuesday.'s Celtics Insider A. Sherrod Blakely joined CSNNE's Kyle Draper on SportsNet Central to discuss the latest. "They're too far down the road at this point to turn back, but the key issues as you alluded to earlier, is what are the Clippers willing to give the Celtics in return," Blakely said. "Right now things are at a standstill, but again, because they're so far and so deep into this, I think both sides are going to be extra motivated to get something done and get it done soon." Blakely thinks the Celtics need to get this deal done more than the Clippers do. Check out the video for more.