Bryann Cameron, a former volleyball player at USC, has one child with Matt Leinart. She then got with Blake Griffin, got engaged and had two more kids. Griffin never went through with the marriage and eventually decided to leave her for Kendall Jenner. Cameron explains why he did that and how he is trying to get out of child support via The Blast. Blake Griffin took the first shot in what could be a nasty custody war with the mother of his two children, and it all centers around Kendall Jenner. According to our sources, Griffin recently filed paperwork to legally establish paternity of Finley and Ford, the kids he has with ex-fiancée Brynn Cameron. Filing for paternity is the first step in getting a court ordered custody and child support agreement, and Griffin filed the documents shortly after he began dating Kendall Jenner. Getting back to Kendall, as we previously reported, Cameron only moved out of the couple’s home after Griffin took his relationship with Jenner public. We’re told Cameron’s position is that Blake walked out on his family for a glamorous Hollywood relationship with Kendall Jenner, and she’s going to ensure that he doesn’t leave his other family out in the cold.