For at least one player who should know, it is a bit premature to compare Clippers power forward Blake Griffin to Shawn Kemp—and that player is Shawn Kemp himself. Watching Griffin team with point guard Chris Paul this year, Nuggets coach George Karl was reminded of the teaming of Kemp and Gary Payton back when he was coaching the Sonics in the 1990s, and stated that Griffin's game most closely compares with Kemp. Kemp, though, doesn't quite think that Griffin has the same ferocity that he had. As he told this year, "The thing is that most of his dunks have to come from a running start. When you see me dunking on people you can see it on the vertical leap, you saw it on all aspect of the game, not just one aspect. When you're driving in from the side, you actually saw me underneath the hoop dunking it, double-clutching it and dunking it. I do think he is a great player and I enjoy watching him play. But he is not as strong as Shawn Kemp is."