Don't tell UCF quarterback Blake Bortles that a college education isn't valuable. It's so valuable, in fact, that Bortles says that the first big-ticket item he will buy after signing an NFL contract is not a fancy car or a big house but his little brother's college education. The UCF quarterback, who is expected to be a top pick in Thursday's NFL draft, is very close to his brother Colby -- a freshman infielder who is on a partial baseball scholarship at Ole Miss. "Those baseball scholarships are funky," Bortles said Wednesday on our Open Mike radio show, "so the first big thing I'm going to pay for is the rest of my brother's college education." How do you not love Blake Bortles -- a quarterback who has put UCF on the map for all the right reasons? Count Bortles as one of those who doesn't believe college athletes are exploited and are working for nothing. It's like I wrote in a recent column: Bortles is Exhibit A and exemplifies the many athletes who make millions because they played college football.