Blake Bortles‘ three-year deal is worth $54 million, with another $12.5 million available through incentives, according to multiple reports. It’s a lot less than the five-year, $137.5 million contract that the 49ers recently gave Jimmy Garoppolo. But the Jaguars quarterback is just as happy with his deal. “It is a dream come true,” Bortles said, via quotes distributed by the team. “. . . Everyone dreams of making $100 million dollars or the quarterbacks are expected to sign the big deal, and that was never something that was very important to me. Signing this second deal with the team that drafted me was my goal from the beginning. It has been done, and I am excited and thrilled and proud of myself for being able to do that. There is obviously a lot of work and things that need to go on.” The Jaguars answered any question about who their quarterback is for 2018.