Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane were handsomely paid in their latest extensions, eight-year deals worth $84 million each that will kick in at the 2015-16 season. They certainly could’ve gotten more. As their agent Pat Brisson said on Wednesday, “they could’ve come in at $13.8 million each.” But for Toews and Kane, it wasn’t about squeezing as much money out of the Blackhawks as possible. It was about getting their share but also making sure the Blackhawks could keep their successful team intact. Toews and Kane were not going anywhere else; they were always re-signing in Chicago. The two of them, as well as their agent Brisson, reiterated that on Wednesday when the Blackhawks held their official press conference on the identical extensions. But there were obviously some money considerations with all of this. They were due raises, and they got them -- their contracts also include $44 million in signing bonuses, money that cannot be bought out. But they didn’t want to put the Blackhawks in a financial crunch that would have necessitated another roster purge. “We had to study, financially, to keep the puzzle together, how we could do this but at the same time get the players compensated the way they should be?” Brisson said. “They could’ve come in at 13.8 million each. At the same time, hockey’s a team sport and the reason why they’re so successful is the environment they’re in -- and I give them credit for understanding that – and the role they can play now and in the future.”