It’s not over yet. There are a lot of questions that need answers.

First because it’s the most time-sensitive: shouldn’t everyone involved get on a call and agree it’s a good idea to give Joel Quenneville the night off? The coach said this morning he will meet with commissioner Gary Bettman Thursday in the aftermath of the painful Chicago investigation released Tuesday.

The Boston Globe’s Matt Porter reported that Quenneville was asked if he stood by the statement he released in July — that he first learned of the Chicago allegations last summer? Quenneville answered yes, but wouldn’t comment further.

That is in direct disagreement with the investigation, which stated he was worried about it becoming a distraction prior to the 2010 Stanley Cup Final, and wrote a positive performance evaluation for Brad Aldrich after the victory.

Undoubtedly, Quenneville feels coaching is his job and he will do it until he’s told he can’t. Fine, but now that there is a completed investigation — with the Blackhawks accepting its results — the gravity of the outcome demands sensitivity.