The Blackhawks continue to find glorious and spectacular ways to embarrass themselves. So, congrats to them on that. On Monday night in Arizona, the Hawks face-planted to a new low, losing 6-1 to the Coyotes, the worst team in the league and the team with the worst goal differential in the NHL. So, congrats to them on that. The Hawks have plummeted from the top of the Western Conference at the end of the 2016-17 regular season to the toilet of the Central Division this season and the ninth-fewest points in the NHL. So, congrats to them on that. The issues are as exasperating as the Hawks’ power play. Coach Joel Quenneville doesn’t always know who to play where and GM Stan Bowman didn’t give him enough quality options. The defensemen don’t know all their responsibilities, and there are too many games in which the forwards look like they couldn’t score if you left them in an empty rink all night. Those flaws and self-inflicted wounds became disastrously exposed when goalie Corey Crawford mysteriously left the crease before Christmas and still hasn’t returned. Those flaws also seem to be among the arguments to keep Crawford out for the rest of this season. Why risk more problems with the team’s best player? But that’s also the biggest reason to play him whenever he’s ready — to find out whether he still is their best player or whether they have to bring in another top goalie this summer.